Converge is a summit for dialogue and education that convenes influencers in the emerging tech workforce culture. The event will highlight trailblazers who are creating a powerful ethos across the technology community to keep companies globally competitive and to foster the next generation that will drive innovation and Georgia’s economy.

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Content Session Topics


  • Inclusive Workplace:
  • Does your workplace embrace cooperation, collaboration, and accountability? Is your organization committed to including many different points of view including race, ethnicity, disabilities, sexual orientation, and others?
  • Belonging Equals Reducing attrition and increasing Retention:
  • We all need to feel that we are an accecpted member of the group, whether the group is family, co-workers, or the neighborhood. How can you determine if your workplace is one where employess feel they belong?
  • Taking a Stand on DE&I:
  • We hear the hype, but is DE&I really important to your organization? Prove it! What is your organization doing to advance DE&I principles and practices?


  • Purpose Driven Leadership:
  • Does your organizational purpose and value system prevail over anything else when making startegic business decisions in the context of organizational culture.
  • AI: Awareness and Prevention of Bias in Technology:
  • Garbage in - Garbage Out! The role of data and algorithms in technology and it's impact on people of color.
  • Training and Technology Trend needs effecting the workforce:
  • The World Has Changed! Is your workforce prepared to meet new challenges and opportunities as we exit covid isolation and look to the future of work?


  • Driving DEI with Data:
  • There's an old saying: You can't manage what you can't measure. How is your organization using data to assess current DE&I status and determine if changes are needed?
  • What’s Next for DE&I – How to get ready for it:
  • Increasing accountability and ensuring the organizations's values have reached all corners fo the organization. Let's explore some tools and technques you can use to drive DE&I in your organization.
  • Talent Acquisition: Creating your Organization’s Strategy:
  • Fish Where the Fish Are! Finding the talent you need for a sustainable diverse workforce.


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