Converge 2019

7:30 am Registration
8:15 am
Welcome Remarks
8:30 am
Keynote Presentation: Melonie Parker / Google
Inclusion, Technology, and the Future of Georgia: Dr. Kamau Bobb / Google and Georgia Tech
Industry Leaders Panel:
Robert Long / Coca Cola Company
Fahim Siddiqui / The Home Depot
Joe Crowley / BlackRock
Dawn Whaley / Sharecare
Dr. Kamau Bobb / Google and Georgia Tech (moderator)
9:40 am
D&I Leadership Awards
D&I Non-Profit Leadership Award presented
D&I Individual Leadership Award
D&I Company HR Leadership Award
Company Supplier Diversity Leadership Award
Overall D&I Company Leadership Award
10:00 am
10:15 am
Breakout Sessions
Building Purpose: Creating Inclusive Teams and Communities to Advance Your Business
The Return on Inclusion (ROI) is Real – Why Inclusion is Important to Your Core Business Strategy
Enabling Supplier Diversity in Your Ecosystem
10:55 am
11:05 pm
Breakout Sessions
Future of Innovation: How will technology drive inclusion
Serving Humanity: Using human first strategies for innovation management
Tackling Bias in Technology: Using Diversity to Correct AI and ML for Inclusive Results
11:45 am End

Mainstage Keynote

Melonie D. Parker / Chief Diversity Officer & Global Director, Employee Engagement, Google

Mainstage Industry Panel

Dr. Kamau Bobb / Google and Georgia Tech    Robert Long / Senior VP / The Coca-Cola Company

Fahim Siddiqui / Senior VP of IT, Home Depot   Joe Crowley / Head of HR Atlanta Innovation Hub, BlackRock

  Dawn Whaley / President, Sharecare


 Liem Le - Go Little Lion         Adam Moore / SunTrust 

 Nooshin Mohimani - Accenture    Ilieva Ageenko - Grant Thornton

 Shelley Cornforth, Avanade      Al Sambar - Kurt Salmon

 Ron McMurtrie - Sage        Crystal Edmonson - Atlanta Business Chronicle 

  Julie Kinch - Heineken          Stephen Holmes - The Home Depot

 Cloe Guidry, Hire Ground        Philip Agcaoili - Elavon

 Hamid Arjmand, Emory University   Susan Mallino, SunTrust Banks, Inc. 

 Eric Burton, Aira Spokesperson      Rebecca Dickey, Accenture

 Angela Williams, AT&T         Paul Soligon,Amazon Web Services

  Stephen Ichatha, Google        Erica Fletcher, Avanade


Building Purpose: Creating Inclusive Teams and Communities to Advance Your Business
10:15am – 10:55am | Room 2
While research has consistently proven that companies who thoughtfully invest in Social Good have better business outcomes, it has become evident that purpose coupled with inclusion is now a C-Level strategy requirement for long-term viability. Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z are consistently citing a company's focus on cause work and community as the top factors in attraction and retention of customers and employees. Learn how to create an inclusive culture around people, purpose, and profit, including the positive economic impact and strategies for staying ahead.
- Stephen Holmes, VP of Corporate Communications & External Affairs, The Home Depot
- Julie Kinch, former Chief Legal Counsel, Heineken
- Liem Le, CEO & Founder, Go Little Lion
- Susan Mallino, Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer, SunTrust Banks, Inc.

Validating the Value of Inclusion: The Project X Approach
10:15am – 10:55am | Room 4 | Sponsored by IHG
It is clear that companies that provide a great workplace experience gain competitive advantage. But there are many dimensions to that workplace experience like collaboration, physical spaces, technology options, compensation, etc., in addition to diversity and inclusion. Avanade created Project X as a research and development initiative to quantify the Areas of Focus within the workplace experience and then, using scientific rigor, quantify the benefits of a diverse and inclusive work environment. Join us as we explain our approach, share some of our findings, and welcome a discussion.
- Shelley Cornforth, Advisory Services Leader for Canada, Avanade
- Erica Fletcher, Global Inclusion and Diversity Group Manager, Avanade

Enabling Supplier Diversity in Your Ecosystem
10:15am – 10:55am | Room 5
Supplier diversity is a business strategy that ensures a diverse supplier base in the procurement of goods and services for any business or organization. It is often overlooked in corporate sustainability circles, even though research shows that companies that embrace diversity are more profitable than companies that don’t.
This session aims to bring together the supplier, end user and customer to share best practices and importance on enabling supplier diversity within an organization.
- Eric Burton, Aira Spokesperson
- Cloe Guidry, Founder & CEO, Hire Ground
- Adam Moore, Strategic Supplier Diversity Manager, SunTrust Banks, Inc.
- Angela Williams, Senior Manager of Supplier Diversity, AT&T

Future of Innovation: How Will Technology Drive Inclusion
11:05am-11:45am | Room 2
As Innovation in technology evolves, inclusion and diversity must be a part of it. As a tech community and as business leaders in Atlanta, we need to keep each other accountable that we’re not only making this a priority, but also looking at how technology can help us progress. This panel will talk about how the future of technology will drive inclusion and the role we all play.
- Hamid Arjmand, Professional Development Manager, Emory University
- Rebecca Dickey, Senior Manager, Accenture
- Crystal Edmonson, TV Host, Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ
- Ron McMurtrie, Chief Marketing & Business Enablement Officer, Sage
- Paul Soligon, Director, AWS Sales MidAtlantic & Southeast Areas, Amazon Web Services

Serving Humanity: Using human first strategies for innovation management
11:05am-11:45am | Room 4 | Sponsored by IHG
This session will share how technology is likely to improve our ability to more inclusively support human needs and will help you understand how anticipating these potential changes (both positive and negative) can allow for innovation risk-taking to create economic value.
- Al Sambar, Managing Director, Retail Digital & Innovation Strategy - Kurt Salmon, part of Accenture Strategy

Tackling Bias in Technology: Using Diversity to Correct AI and ML for Inclusive Results
11:05am-11:45am | Room 5
Developments in artificial intelligence and immersive experiences are paving the way for exciting possibilities across industries, but these technologies are also inheriting our biases. What can we do to build accountability or go even further and make inclusion a part of the evolution of intelligent technologies? Learn from experts on what unconscious bias is, how businesses are using these technologies, why it is an issue, and how companies are addressing it.
- Philip Agcaoili, SVP Product & Security Innovation & CISO, Elavon
- Ilieva Ageenko, Managing Director, Grant Thornton
- Stephen Ichatha, Operations Manager for Google Data Centers, Google
- Nooshin Mohimani, Innovation Fellow, Accenture